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After moving from Chicago to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, (the UP) , George and Jill became immersed in their medical careers and lost sight of the quality of life they had hoped for in the pristine wilderness of the Upper Peninsula. No time, no security, never enough money.

George had completed 8 years of college toward a pre-med degree before joining a physical therapy practice in the UP. There he joined a group diversified in orthopedics, sports medicine, and stress management. He also pioneered a state of the art industrial wellness program for the mining and forestry industries. Jill had worked in home care as an RN in the inner city of Chicago and had the opportunity to take part in starting the first private home health care agency in the Ironwood area. Despite the remote location, they also designed and tested one of the first computerized home health assessment/medical record systems which was eventually marketed nation wide, proof that with state of the art technology, the right product, and the right team, businesses can thrive anywhere.

When they first entered the industry, they began to work closely with Orrin and Laurie Woodward as their mentors and friends. They became job optional from their careers in the physical therapy practice and Jill as the Director of the Home Health Agency in 2001 and 2002.

They and their son Ryan now enjoy the lifestyle living along a mile of private river frontage just a few miles from Lake Superior. They love going out on wave runners with team leaders along the miles of isolated shoreline and riding the waves. They also love being able to winter in northern Tucson, where they enjoy hiking, climbing, horse riding, and reading by the pool. The opportunity to travel and meet people has been a blessing to their lives.

Through their strong partnership with Orrin and Laurie, George & Jill are currently Policy Council members and are Policy Councel on the Team Leadership development system. They continue to be committed to teaching people looking for healthier life styles and financial security using the training system. They share a passion for helping people across North America and beyond and are committed to improving the quality of lives through the application of Team Leadership Development System.